A Bet You ALWAYS Win – How Sports Betting Arbitrage Works

As you recall, it was close. For example, in a boxing match, the US champ will, of course be favored by the US bookies, but the UK challenger will be top bet at the UK bookies. Nothing wrong with that, you think? Not if the bet is 100% guaranteed? But what about if thru the vagaries of the internet, you manage to get one side of the bet on at the right odds, but not the other? You are left holding a LARGE position. But what you could have done is put on a bet with UK bookie Coral that Kerry would win, and the odds they would give you would have been 6/4 (i.e. Are the odds always as good as in the example? No. The main problem is the size of the account you need to make a useful profit. No one knew for sure which way it would go. Also, accounts of this size are viewed with some suspicion by the bookies – they will want to know that you aren’t (for example) money laundering.


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A Bet You ALWAYS Win – How Sports Betting Arbitrage Works

 by: Kevin Schultz

So ok, you know the risks, but how does it actually work? Let’s go back to the US election between Bush and that Herman Munster guy, the Democrat fella with the long face (Kerry? Curry?). Sometimes, the differences are deliberate. It works even within the US too – a Varsity football match, for example, may find the out of state team offering you an opportunity to arbitrage within the home team state depending on the demographics of the customers using two US online bookies.

Generally, you can bet risk free on any sporting event with either 2 or 3 outcomes, such as Football, Baseball, Boxing, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Golf, Snooker, Cricket, Hockey, Ice Hockey and Darts. Simply exploit the difference. By exploiting the inefficiencies of some brokers, a win can therefore be guaranteed. They then exploit this difference by selling in one location and buying in the other. That is why you need large accounts.

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The advent of online betting sites meant that the punter could suddenly check prices at a multitude of different locations very quickly, and open bets at those that had ‘slipped’ out of line. The difference between the odds offered by 2 bookies, and exploited by an arbitrageur, may only amount to a fraction of a percent, meaning that you may have to wager several thousand dollars to win 5 bucks. a US 1.5 – bet $800, return $2,000). . Usually the difference will be small.

So how does 100% winners, no risk sound? Groovy, huh? But there are, of course, problems. The same thing applies to betting arbitrage, typically on sporting events. Whatever happens to price, they make a profit on the difference between the original 2 prices.

At the same time, your fave US bookie might have given you odds of 6/4 on Bush! That means if you took both bets, you are betting (risking) $1,600, but will win $2,000 WHATEVER the result! Easy money or what? Bank a cool $400 for nothing.

This article was posted on February 10, 2005

How often does this happen? Quite a lot. Each online betting site has to maintain it’s own ‘book’, and it would be a strange world indeed if they all had the same number of punters, all betting the same way and the same amount, meaning they all had to offer the same odds!

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Betting arbitrage is a method of creating a bet that has a zero risk – in other words, you always win! The concept of ‘arbitrage’ comes from the financial world, and describes the activities of traders who find two different places offering the same trade, but at different prices

Fairy Tale Origins: Goldilocks & The Three Bears

They were wooden spoons; if they had been silver ones, the naughty old Woman would have put them [in] her pocket.”

In Mure’s version the old woman breaks into the bears’ house for having “snubbed” her during a recent social call!  She went through the porridge/chairs/beds triumvirate.  This time, though, when the bears came home and found her in the small bed, they stood around discussing what they should do to her.  They first threw her in a fire, but she wouldn’t burn.  Then they tossed her into water, but she wouldn’t drown.  Then, in perhaps the only recorded instance of impaling by bears, the three (in view of the “wondering people”) heaved the old woman up into the

air and impaled her on the steeple of St. It illustrated the early creation of an underclass.

“And…a little old Woman came to the house. Southey was a British Poet Laureate from 1813 to 1843.  He was also a dabbler in science (in 1799 he experimented with the great scientist Sir Humphry Davy in his work with nitrous oxide).  He was a friend to poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge; he and Coleridge collaborated occasionally.  Southey also wrote the nursery rhyme “What Are Little Boys Made Of?” (“Frogs and snails, and puppy dogs’ tails…”) about 1820.  Southey’s bear story was initially published anonymously by him in a collection of tales and essays he’d written called The Doctor (seven volumes, published from 1834-1847).  The name of the tale was “The

Story of the Three Bears”. 

Southey can barely contain his disdain in this passage.  He continued with the adventure of the porridge:

Now the window was open, because the Bears, like good, tidy Bears, as they were, always opened their bed-chamber window when they got up in the morning. The door [was] not fastened, because the Bears were good Bears, who did nobody any harm, and never suspected that anybody would harm them. And then she tasted the porridge of the Middle Bear, and that was too cold for her; and she said a bad word about that too. The poor were considered amoral, and workhouses were their only refuge.  [Charles Dickens did not create Oliver Twist and The Artful Dodger out of whole cloth.  Such marginalized child criminals existed, working in gangs stealing, shoplifting, begging, prostituting - whatever they could do to get by.]

“Goldilocks & The Three Bears” is a simple story, a “don’t-talk-to-strangers” morality tale.  But in today’s version nothing bad happens to Goldilocks.  She is either rescued or gets away clean.  Maybe if she was thrown out a window or impaled on a church steeple a time or two, she wouldn’t be so quick to break into bachelors’…umm…bears’ homes!

Per the familiar story, the bears made their porridge.  [Probably not oatmeal as might be supposed, but more likely pease porridge, a milk-thickened gruel made from barley and peas.].  The bears went for a stroll while their porridge cooled.

“So she seated herself in it and there she sat till the bottom of the chair came out, and down came hers, plump upon the ground. Out the little old Woman jumped; and whether she broke her neck in the fall, or ran into the wood and was lost then, or found her way out of the wood and was taken up by the constable and sent to the House of Correction for a vagrant as she was, I cannot tell. He saw that the spoon was standing in it too. So the little old Woman opened the door and went in; and well she was when she saw the porridge on the table. The sexual undercurrent of Little Red Riding Hood was phased out over time.  Goldilocks, however, managed the opposite – she is sexy today for many.  Over the years she has been aged into a teen nymph.  Her image (or reference to her) has been used in soft-core porn books, movies and cartoons, and the little innocent Lolita factor is played upon in pop art.  Also, the metaphor of the bears as ravenous ravishers has been featured, with a hapless, but erotically charged, Goldilocks terrorized by approaching doom.

When the wandering bears came home, they found their porridge bowls had been tampered with, a piece of their furniture was broken, and someone had messed up two of the three beds before settling into the third for a nap.  The little girl was awakened by their muttering – dependent upon nuances, Goldilocks today either runs away safely into the forest, or is allowed to leave unmolested, or is rescued by her mommy when the bears try to eat her.

Meanwhile, a nameless “little old Woman” happened by the bears’ abode.  Southey is quick to point up her character flaws (she is, after all, both poor and old; therefore, she must be a miscreant):

Another author asked Southey’s permission to reprint the story in a slightly different version a few years later – Southey was delighted that the story would become more widely known.  Southey, though, may have been a Johnny-come-lately to writing down the tale.  Although he presumably had never seen it, another version of the story had already been written in 1831 (Southey knew of the oral story for almost two decades by then). The

driver behind this alteration of character was an anthologist, Joseph Cundall, who said fairy tales had enough old crones in them.  He wanted a girl.  In 1918, Silver-Hair became Goldilocks (an even younger girl).  Later in the same century the male bears were transmuted into a bear family of father, mother and son (there is an early variant wherein the two older bears are brother and sister).

Southey’s 1837 anti-heroine is an unpleasant, ugly, and impoverished harpy.  Southey, for his written version, had two groups to skewer in his tale: the poor and the elderly. But she was an impudent, bad old Woman, and set about helping herself.”

Southey makes it clear this woman is not to be pitied.  She broke into the bears’ home; then, not finding the food she is stealing from them to her liking, she uses foul language.  She moved into the next room and sampled the chairs, with the “just right” chair the last in line:

“…the middle Bear looked at his.

Misogyny, bestiality, homosexual men, and criminality – these are the baser elements of one of the most beloved children’s stories of all time, the tale of “Goldilocks & The Three Bears”.

She broke the bear’s chair and cursed with expletives.  Afterward, she found the sleeping quarters.  The biggest bed was too high at the head end, and the middle bed was too high at the foot end.  The smallest bed was settled upon, and the old woman went to sleep.

The word “vixen” means a female fox (of the animal variety, in the dog family, Canidae).  The word originated in Middle English (1150-1500) as “fixen” (“she-fox”).  However, over the decades the word also came into use as a slang term: a turbulent, quarrelsome woman.  Southey’s tale, probably originating as a story about an animal fox and some bears, evolved into a new version when he used the other definition of the word “vixen” as a euphemism for an old hag.  This was perhaps not intentional – when Southey was told the story in his younger years he may have always understood the “vixen” in the story to mean a haggish crone instead of an animal (the anthropomorphized fox character would make more sense, à la Aesop and his fables).

Cute is Better, Sexy is Best, Brainy is also Good

By 1849 the story (whether the original “bachelor” version or Southey’s popular “old crone and bears” version) was common.  In an adaptation from November 1849, the biggest change was made toward the more modern and familiar - the homeless old woman was turned into a teen girl named “Silver-Hair”. They realize someone has been in their house when they inspected their porridge:

Grey Locks & The Three Gay Men

The fairy tale origins of the “just right” girl, Goldilocks, are strange indeed.  The traditional

setting is not a bucolic woodland where an errant child strays into a bear’s home.  Instead, the action occurs in the Industrial Revolution landscape of a sooty city, replete with squalor, poverty, and petty crime. Livid at finding the intruder, the three bachelors chase her around.  She leaps out a window and runs away.

The earliest popularized written version of the tale is from 1837.  It was penned by a British poet named Robert Southey (1774-1843). And the naughty old Woman said a wicked word about that too.”

Goldilocks’ impact on the language of pop culture is most recognized in the condition known as “The Goldilocks Effect”.  This is a term used (surprisingly) by scientists to describe optimum

conditions for a desired outcome, when things are “just right” (not at extremes, but meeting minimal criteria for satisfaction).  In fact, in astronomy, there are searches for celestial bodies known as “Goldilocks Planets”.  They are termed thus because the environment of an unknown planet, its place in the cosmic timeline, distance from its parent star, etc., if found to be “just right” in theory could yield one with life similar to our own (at least in terms of civilization maturity).

“Up she started; and when she saw the Three Bears on one side of the bed, she tumbled herself out at the other, and ran to the window.

. For Southey (and the middle and upper crust of Britain) the poor were a separate species, not even fit to breathe the same air as the landed and well-off. 

The bears returned from their constitutional. She could not have been a good, honest old Woman; for first she looked in at the window, and then she peeped in at the key-hole; and seeing nobody in the house, she lifted the latch. Paul’s Church!  The story ends with Mure telling her nephew he might still see the old bag today stuck up on that steeple if he just takes a look.

Thus, like Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks’ story was made benign, stripped of her headier, edgier elements: misogyny, class warfare, foul language, and boorish behavior. And then she went to the porridge of the Little, Small, Wee Bear, and tasted that; and that was neither too hot nor too cold, but just right; and she liked it so well she ate it all up: but the naughty old Woman said a bad word about the little porridge pot, because it did not hold enough for her.”

The story was not original to Southey.  He had first heard a version of it from an uncle; Southey was re-telling this story to others as early as 1813.  There is a variant story, called “Scrapefoot”, where the intruder is a fox (a “vixen”).  The fox escapes after discovery by the bears.  It is in this detail that Southey popularized the bears’ story with a human female lead.

“…there was the bolster in its place; and the pillow in its place upon the bolster; and upon the pillow was the little old Woman’s ugly, dirty head – which was not in its place, for she had no business there.”

Thus, the bears are spared the loss of their tableware at the hands of a thief.  They discovered the cushions in the two larger chairs had been disarranged, and the smallest chair had been broken.  They went into the bedroom and discovered the largest bed’s pillows had been pulled out-of-place.  The middle bed’s bolster (a long, narrow pillow of the same width as the bed) was pulled askew, as well.  The third bed, of course, contained the nasty old lady:

There was a time when the elderly were respected and revered.  After the American Revolution, though, the terms “oldster” and “old goat” came into common use as disdainful and irreverent appellations for older people.  Other pejorative terms developed as well.  Elderly people had fallen out of favor after the American Revolution. 

The disenfranchised of London during Industrialization (beginning about 1760) were considered a blight on society – there was little sympathy, and they were typified as sneak thieves, grifters, and pickpockets, capable of all sorts of larceny if given a chance. If she had been a good little old Woman, she would have waited till the Bears came home, and then, perhaps, they would have asked her to breakfast; for they were good bears — a little rough or so, as the manner of Bears is, but for all that very good-natured and hospitable. But the Three Bears never saw anything more of her.”

The moral, apparently, is that old women should not be breaking into good people’s homes.  Southey’s story reeks of British smugness and class snobbery.  It was truly a moral story for the early Industrial Age. Neither group was beloved in Britain.  The extant oral story of the old crone and the three gay men was altered somewhat.  The three bachelors became three bears (although all of them were still male).  The male bears were Great Huge Bear, Middle-sized Bear, and Little Small Wee Bear.

It was the shrill voice of the Wee Bear that caused her to stir:

The other characters, the bears, were not always bears, either.  The early oral version of this story has the old woman breaking into a flat occupied by three bachelors! And in the 19th century, the word “bachelor” (when applied to an “unmarried” man) many times meant the man was a homosexual.  “Bachelor” was a euphemism, as were the 19th century words “Nancy” or “invert”, to describe homosexual men.  In the existing “bear” story, a homeless and crotchety old hag breaks into the bachelors’ home, samples their goods, and is caught when they return. This one was penned by a Canadian woman

named Eleanor Mure (who, in the parlance of the day, was called a “maiden aunt” rather than a lesbian).  Like Southey later, she also used male bears instead of bachelors.  She wrote it in verse form for a sick nephew, hand-bound it, and presented it to him on his birthday.  It was later self-published and copies sold.

White-Washed Goldilocks

The current version of Goldilocks is known to perhaps everyone on the planet.  A little blonde girl, Goldilocks by name, tired of walking through the woods, happens upon a home where a family of three bears lives.  The bears were not there upon her arrival.  Hungry and tired, she walks in.  She finds three bowls of porridge set out – she samples each to find one is too hot, one is too cold, but the third bowl is “just right”.  She ate all the porridge in that bowl then retired to the bears’ sitting room.  There she spied three chairs.  Finding one too hard and another too soft, she settled on the smallest chair which was “just right”.  However, this chair – that of the family’s baby bear – could not support her weight, and it broke.  Chagrined, Goldilocks explores the rest of the bears’ home and finds their sleeping quarters.  The room contained a large, a medium, and small-sized bed.  She samples each, finding one too hard, another too soft, but the smallest – that of the baby bear – is “just right”.  She fell asleep in the bed.

“…she tasted the porridge of the Great, Huge Bear, and that was too hot for her; and she said a bad word about that

Top Horse Races – Graded Stakes Put the Sport’s Top Thoroughbreds on Display

Stakes races with a purse of at least $75,000. The process of assigning grades is somewhat convoluted, but in essence what the committee does is look at the relative strength of a race over a five-year period. For example, the Grade 2 San Antonio Stakes at Santa Anita is followed a month later by the Grade 1 Santa Anita Handicap. That’s why many of the new races in the Breeders’ Cup over the last few years were not initially graded.

A Grade 3 race, the lowest level of graded stakes races, must have a minimum purse of $100,000.

In order for a race to be upgraded, it must be approved by at least eight members of the committee. To be eligible for Grade 1 status, a race must have a minimum purse of $250,000.

An ardent fan of horse racing for years, I am extremely passionate about writing articles on adventurous topics on the lines of new developments in sports, online games as well as other fields. The idea of assigning grades to various stakes races, which is administered by the Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association, was designed to provide breeders with an easy reference to compare the relative class and ability of a racehorse. The better the horses that compete, the higher the grade.

For 2012, the American Graded Stakes Committee reviewed 659 unrestricted U.S. A minimum of six committee members would have to be on board in order for a race to be downgraded.

A Grade 2 race, which is one step down from a Grade 1, must have a minimum purse of $150,000.

Stakes races can be assigned one of three grades–Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3. You can find articles regarding Horse racing industries and interesting facts about the understanding of online racing games.To know more about horse racing games online and related information log on to www.horseracegame.com.

Author’s Bio: 

In order for a stakes race to be graded, it must be run under the same conditions for a minimum of two years.

“Because, to improve the breed, to upgrade a broodmare band, to select a stallion, to understand a catalogue page, to evaluate a family–one must be able to recognize racing class.”

In 1973, horse racing in North America entered a new era when the concept of “graded stakes” races became a reality. Grade 1s, which include races such as the Kentucky Derby and Breeders’ Cup Classic, are considered the most prestigious of all North American Stakes races and carry the biggest purses.

Grade 1 races are expected to attract the best racehorses in training and potential champions.

“Why bother? Why try to remember which race is better than, or inferior to, another?” Kent Hollingsworth, the longtime editor-in-chief of the influential trade publication Blood-Horse Magazine, wrote in 1973.

Grades are determined and assigned by TOBA’s American Graded Stakes Committee, which consists of six members of TOBA and five racing officials. The committee assigned Grade 1 status to 112 races, (24.1 percent), Grade 2 status to 151 races (32.5 percent) and Grade 3 status to 202 races (43.4 percent).. Often, a Grade 2 race will precede a Grade 1 race on the racing schedule. A Grade 3 race will often feature horses on the rise with Grade 1 aspirations, or horses that have already proven in their careers that they are a cut or two below the very best

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How To Master Sports Betting

What is the point of drowning yourself in statistics and research for what you could just as easily decided with a flip of the coin? So you need to sift through it all and just take the morsels here and there which are really important and make a difference. It is only going to place you in a difficult position and as much as you might think it won’t be, your decision making ability is going to be compromised. Hopefully this kind of thinking will keep you grounded. You shouldn’t favor a team because they are the team your best friend supports. The weather conditions also make a difference as they do in horse racing. So if you suffer a bad break along the way, just remember it goes with the territory. This means that when you place your bets you need to be thinking clearly and concisely. You will be better off for doing so in the long run.

In the case of team sports, injuries are important. You can’t let the highs and lows affect you too much.

Sports betting is an easy way to make a tough living. Upsets are always going to happen but see when it makes the most sense when to go for that and when not to. Anything less than this and it is going to be a disaster. It doesn’t matter if it is pretty or not.

. You don’t want to lose money just because you weren’t on top of your game.

The most important thing is that you need to take emotion out of the equation. Over time, you will learn what it should be that you should be paying attention to.

Speaking of the long run, this is what you should be focused on. So do yourself a favor and swear off them. On the flip side, you shouldn’t bet against a team because someone you don’t like roots for that team. If you are going to do it you need to do it properly and master it, it means you are completely organized and focused. It could provide great insight as to predicting what will occur.

Look for value bets. It’s all about accumulating winnings. For instance, if you are pretty certain that a side is going to win and they are getting good odds for this than take this. Travel is a factor such as when East Coast sides travel to the West Coast and vice versa. Business is business and you need to be concentrating on who is going to win regardless of who likes and who doesn’t like which team.

Because of this point, it is probably better if you steer clear from any matches involving the teams that you like. You want to know who trained and who didn’t. Information and doing your homework is important, but you don’t want to full into the trap of information overload. Thus when you are doing well, you will still be focused and when you aren’t doing so well you won’t be thinking that it’s the end of the world. Also look into how sides perform the week after doing certain travel

Horse Racing Blogs ~ OLBG Betting Blogs

Born in County Clare in Ireland on 22nd February 1965, Fallon ended his career with over 2500 wins in Britain alone….

The race usually attracts a huge field with most recent renewals having more than 20 runners

I have looked at the last 10 runnings of the race and looked at the following trends, Runs, Weight, Last Time Out, Last Run, Wins & Draw….

I have looked at the last 10 runnings of the race and looked at the following trends – Age, Weight, Official Rating, Royal Ascot & Year Runs.  By Micko70 in Horse Racing

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Bunbury Cup Trends

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Weatherbys Super Sprint

12 July 2016 18:31

7 July 2016 01:21

The Juddmonte Grand Prix de Paris is a Group 1 race for colts and fillies aged 3 years old which is run over 1 mile and 4 furlongs at Saint Cloud on Thursday, 14 July 2016. more

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4 July 2016 21:01

4 July 2016 21:38

The John Smith’s Cup is a Class 2 Heritage Handicap for runners aged 3 years and older, which is run over 1 mile 2 furlongs and 88 yards at York on Saturday, 9 July 2016.

I am eliminating horses that fail each trend until only horses that have passed every trend are left…. more

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The Bunbury Cup is a 7 furlong handicap which is run at the 3 day Newmarket July meeting and usually attracts a very good field.

The Grand Prix de Paris is the premier middle distance event over 1 mile and 4 furlongs in France which is restricted to 3 year olds now that the Prix du Jockey Club is run over a shorter distance (10….

Any horse failing a trend will be eliminated and only the horses that have passed every trend will remain…. more

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July Cup Trends

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Newmarket July Festival 2016 – Thoughts & Bets for Day 1

As a big fan of sports & particularly the major events of key sports like football & horse racing, I do like to focus on those events that elevate the sport to a higher level of importance & interest than the general day to day meetings can ever dream of and for me The July Festival at Newmarket is most definitely of flat racing headline acts…. more

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The Life & Times Of Kieren Fallon In Racing

The John Smiths Cup is a class 2 handicap run at York over a distance of 1m 2f & 88yds, i have looked at the last 10 runnings of the race and looked at the following trends, Age, Weight, Official Rating, Last Time Out, Last Run, Year Runs, Year Wins & Distance. more

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Grand Prix De Paris At Saint Cloud Key Race Trends – 14 July 2016

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Newmarket July Festival 2016 – Thoughts & Bets For Day 1

John Smith’s Cup Trends

John Smith’s Cup At York Key Race Trends – 9 July 2016

The July Cup is a Group 1 Sprint race run over 6 furlongs at Newmarket’s July Meeting. One thing that cannot be disputed though is his undoubted talent and judgement when on the back of a horse.

I have looked at the last 10 runnings of the race and looked at the following trends – Age, Official Rating, Last Time Out, Last Run, Year Runs, Year Wins & Group Form.

Horses will be eliminated when they fail a trend, only horses that pass every trend will remain…. more

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Kieren Fallon’s career can certainly be classed as controversial at times with many ups and downs.

With an average field size of just under 18 runners during the past decade, the John Smith’s Cup often provides an fiendishly difficult puzzle for punters to assess, especially as the draw can often have a major impact on the outcome of the race…. more

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The Weatherby’s Super Sprint is a Class 2 race run over 5 furlongs & 34 yards at Newbury racecourse in July. more

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Make Bets That Assure You A Win

Make sure you have maintained a betting limit , instead of wagering with hefty bucks, play with a small amount many times. Websites guides players about recommendable bookmakers, betting tips, free bets and bonuses which let the players to have a unique betting style.

Make your thoughts clear had have a strong base to make the most of this soccer betting season.

Managing your betting amount is a crucial part to consider while you are placing soccer bets. Making money from soccer betting is all the matter of taking advantage from the information.

As the grand soccer world cup 200 is gearing near, players have great opportunity to try hand in making lucrative bets. Online betting websites are a great source which provide players with enriched betting odds, higher stakes and array of bets for novices as well experienced punters. You can also take a look on online lives scores of the matches and take the reviews of expert’s punter

The money making strategy in soccer betting is all about taking advantage from the information available,the more you are acquainted with latest trends the more you have chances of making as much money as you can. Losing with a small amount will not be a disaster,you can easily make other bets with more excitement and fun.

All of us are aware that betting is a risky affair,this unpredicted event can take you to deep profits and at the same time you can lose also. Both of the teams have unbeatable good players,but then you should make bets after doing plenty of research work,don’t just stick to one,play smartly. Generally people get excited and make bets for larger amount all the time,this can lead them to debts because bankroll emptied quite early. It is essential to make a strong by soccer betting,you do not easily lose your calm and play with utmost patience.

The real of of online soccer betting is not as simple as the flip of a coin which lets you decide outcome of the match.

By: Pedro Walker

Online-betting.me.uk provides all information that you require for placing winning soccer bets. It’s quite visible that Spain and Brazil are hot favorites for this soccer season, with presence of other teams,you need to carefully analyze their individualized performance and then place bets. Here you get trusted and reliable statistics, tables, betting tips and latest results that relates to football betting.

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com. Website offering betting tips have plethora of tips along with a statistical analysis that guides you and let you focus on the certainty of the bets at stake. However, despite of being an unpredictable affair betting lets you make huge money within a short span. Many times you might be very close to win,but end up losing

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Built on trust, strength, and tradition, i-Sportsbook.com has continued on its commitment as the definitive American sportsbook.

The online gaming industry is one of the world’s fastest growing industries on the Internet, rivaling even the most traditional of industries. These days, not only is online sports betting entertaining, it has become a part of mainstream culture. Studies indicate that 7 out of 10 U.S. Even though many online sportsbooks have cut off U.S. For the past decade, i-Sportsbook.com has solidified its relationship with their customers by setting the standards in these values. Trust, reliability and stability are among the biggest concerns for individuals who place bets on online sportsbooks. Sticking with a sportsbook that has been around for a while certain has its advantages. With online gaming sites being criticized for their lack of commitment to the American market, i-Sportsbook.com has built 10 years of trust and dedication to their loyal customers in the United States.

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Great Britain’s Indigenous Horse Breeds – The Thoroughbred

One of his most illustrious sons was Herod, who became an important name in the pedigrees of many of the early thoroughbreds.

Once past racing, a thoroughbred can face an uncertain future. They are highly intelligent, quick and eager to please. In 2003, Maryland also appointed the Thoroughbred its State Horse.

Today, all thoroughbreds in the General Stud Book, which was established in 1791, trace back to these three foundation sires.

The Darley Arabian is considered the most important of the three. To excel at another discipline, he needs re-training and re-educating so although they may be quite cheap to acquire, an ex-racehorse is not the best mount for an inexperienced rider.

The oriental influence is seen, not only in the refinement and speed of the breed, but also in the fine coat which thickens and lengthens only slightly in the winter. He has been trained to gallop at top speed virtually every time he is saddled and to pass all others if he can. The nostrils are open and capable of flaring allowing maximum airflow when racing at speed.

The Godolphin Arabian was foaled in Yemen before going to Syrian then Tunis. Eclipse was never beaten in a race and 90% of all registered thoroughbreds trace back to him.

Young thoroughbreds are raced at an early age before their bones have fully developed and leg problems and injuries often arise. The three are the Byerley Turk, the Darley Arabian and the Godolphin Arabian.

The overall impression is one of elegance, toughness and quality. There is good length from the hip to the stifle. It was gifted to the French king and later was taken to England. Animals with suspect conformation are more likely to ‘break down’ if their action is faulty or their legs insubstantial.

The thoroughbred has been used to ‘improve’ many breeds.Breeds such as the Hanoverian, Trakenher, Holsteiner and Irish Draught  have at least some Thoroughbred blood, thus providing speed, courage and beauty. These adoption agencies endeavour to match a horse with a new owner. Some thoroughbreds are produced purely for disciplines other than racing while some find their way to show-jumping or eventing careers when their racing careers are over. Most warmblood breeds such as the Swiss and Dutch Warmbloods have a large percentage of Thoroughbred blood.

The breed had its origins in England back in the early 1700s and selective breeding is still going on, resulting in faster and faster times on the race-track.

Other oriental horses, especially Arabs, figured in the early development. The racing industry is huge in America. Three of these are recognized as being the foundation sires of the thoroughbred world. When crossed with native British horses and ponies, the progeny were larger with a longer stride, more scope and more speed.

The Byerley Turk gets his name from Captain Robert Byerley who captured the stallion from the Turks. There are now literally millions of thoroughbreds and they are spread all over the globe.

The head is straight, lean and elegant with large eyes and finely chiseled ears. One of his progeny was Matchem, a race-horse par excellence. Some strains are particularly nervy and highly strung but have been kept on because of their speed. Initially horse-racing was the pastime of the aristocracy and gentry but its popularity, and the lure of gambling, has seen racing and breeding of the thoroughbred spread to every corner of the globe.

Thoroughbreds generally need more sensitive, skilled handling. However the thoroughbred is also a distinct breed in its own right. Matchem was also noted for his impeccable temperament, a vast improvement on the highly strung, nervous individuals of the day.

Thoroughbreds were imported into the United States from the 1730s. InKentucky, the Thoroughbred was designated the ‘Official State Horse’ in 1996. There are strict criteria to be met and often an adoption fee is required.

The Thoroughbred

The term ‘Thoroughbred’ has several different meanings. Eclipse was never beaten in a race and 90% of all registered thirst really great race-horse. Thoroughbreds are most often associated with the horse-racing industry although they are also used in many other equestrian disciplines.

The most rapid development in improvement of performance took place during the 19th century and the early part of the 20th century. Some thoroughbreds have suspect feet with poor horn, low heels and flat soles.

Between 1660 and 1750, around 200 horses were imported into England from the Orient. The hooves are tough. It seems generally agreed that, of these three, only the Darley Arabian was a true Arab, The Byerley was almost certainly a Turkmene type and the Godolphin a Barb.

The thoroughbred has a quality and athleticism that has become the benchmark for a perfect equine.

Thoroughbreds average around 16 hands. If someone says of his dog ‘It’s a thoroughbred’ he is saying that it is a purebred saluki or whippet or whatever. Eclipse was another to have Darley Arabian blooc. He will often need supplementary feeding and rugging through cold weather. The stallion was shipped to England and bred to native mares. Others are laid back and lovable. In the extremes of horse disciplines such as eventing, hunting and show-jumping, professional riders look for at least some thoroughbred blood to provide courage and speed. Although they were once bred not for their looks but purely and simply for their speed, good conformation has an impact on speed and hardiness. They are typically more highly strung and temperamental than most other breeds. One of his get was Flying Childers, arguably the first really great race-horse. The 2nd Earl of Godophin acquired the stallion. Those that are too small for the race-track find a home on the polo field providing their temperament is not too fiery.

The ribcage is deep and rounded and the chest wide with plenty of room for heart and lungs. The thoroughbred has a streamlined body with long, slender legs and strong, muscular hindquarters. Eclipse was another to have Darley Arabian blood. The shoulder is big and muscular and the withers tend to be high.

The main period of expansion was probably when the 1800s when the thoroughbred found its way to Australia, Europe, Japan and South America. In the horse world, it is also used by people to describe a purebred of a breed. Some are only suitable as companion animals.

There are now a number of rescue organizations that take in ex-racehorses and try to find good homes for them. Thoroughbreds need more protection from the elements than ‘native’ or cross breeds and they usually require supplementary feeding year round.. He was purchased by Thomas Darley in Aleppo, Syria in 1704, shipped to Yorkshire, England and bred to selected racing mares

New Jersey allows sports betting

New Jersey missed a 1991 deadline in the law that would have allowed sports betting in Atlantic City.

A month ago, Christie vetoed a bill that would have pushed New Jersey to circumvent the federal ban on gambling on professional and college sports. State Sen. This is all over but the shouting.”

The professional football, baseball, basketball and hockey leagues, as well as the National Collegiate Athletic Association, all opposed New Jersey’s effort to legalize sports betting, saying it could give the appearance that the integrity of the games has been compromised.

The park built a sports bar last year that was designed to be transformed into a sports book quickly if sports betting were legalized.

“We are reviewing the Attorney General’s directive and the motion filed in U.S. — Gov. Raymond Lesniak, one of the legislature’s strongest supporters of sports betting. The seaside resort has already lost three of the 12 casinos with which it began this year, and a fourth one is due to shut its doors next week; about 8,000 casino workers will have lost their jobs since January.

The governor said he took his cue from previous federal court rulings that found that nothing in New Jersey law prohibits the casinos and horse racing tracks from offering sports betting.

But those actions ran up against the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, enacted by Congress to restrict betting on sports to a few states. Supreme Court declining to hear the case.

Monmouth Park, a thoroughbred track in Oceansport, New Jersey, has been outspoken that it will take the lead once sports betting became legal.

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. That effort ended with the U.S. In light of our significant investment at Monmouth Park, we are happy that it appears racetracks and casinos in New Jersey will be taking sports bets sooner rather than later.”

In addition to the directive, Christie also had the state file a motion in federal court asking a judge to clarify or modify a February 2013 ruling that blocks a licensing program New Jersey had passed for sports betting in the state.

Casino executives did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Christie’s action.

N.J. Nevada has allowed betting on sports for more than 60 years, and Delaware, Montana and Oregon have at times permitted more limited betting. CEO Joe Asher said in a statement. District Court,” William Hill U.S. Chris Christie’s administration issued a directive Monday allowing the state’s casinos and racetracks to offer sports betting, a move likely to be challenged in court by sports leagues.

Dennis Drazin, an attorney and adviser to the New Jersey Thoroughbred Horseman and Monmouth Park, told ESPN in early September that he believes the track could have an operating sports book within three weeks after legalization.

The U.S. Jennifer Beck, a Republican who represents the area where Monmouth Park resides, said Monday that she would like to see the track begin taking bets as soon as this upcoming weekend, but wants to see the reaction from the sports leagues.

“That to some degree will dictate how the race tracks and casinos move forward,” Beck told ESPN.

The NFL had no comment when reached by ESPN.com. “People should book their hotel rooms in Atlantic City for the Super Bowl now because there won’t be any available in February.”

Voters in New Jersey overwhelmingly endorsed legal sports betting in a nonbinding referendum in 2011. Like others, we recognize that legalized sports betting is inevitable, and will be a good outcome for customers, states and the sports leagues. branch of William Hill agreed to be the exclusive provider of sports betting at Monmouth Park, but is taking a wait-and-see approach.

The move is a turnaround for Christie, who initially seemed resigned to defeat once the U.S. Other leagues and the NCAA did not immediately return messages Monday.

Information from ESPN.com’s David Purdum and The Associated Press is included in this report. Bets wouldn’t have been taken on games involving New Jersey colleges or college games played in the state.

He said he does not expect sports betting to begin until a court rules that it is legal.

His action, through the state attorney general’s office, is likely to be challenged by the professional and collegiate sports leagues that fought New Jersey’s efforts to overturn a ban on sports betting in all but four states. State lawmakers soon enacted a law to allow for betting at tracks and in casinos. “The motion simply would clarify and formalize that authority and give clear guidance to casinos and racetracks waiting to open a sports pool in New Jersey.”

“Victory at last!” said state Sen.

Christie suggested casinos and tracks could start offering betting immediately, but it’s not clear that will happen. “Obviously, this is a significant development.

“Based on the arguments of the sports leagues and the United States Department of Justice, the 3rd Circuit has already ruled that New Jersey can carry out sports wagering as described in today’s statewide directive,” the governor’s office wrote in a statement. Rachel Ryan, a spokeswoman for the Meadowlands Racetrack said Monday that the track has no plans to offer sports betting now.

The governor says sports betting is legal under previous federal rulings as long as wagers don’t involve a collegiate game played in New Jersey or a New Jersey college team elsewhere in the country.. Christie said at the time disagreed with the court decision but feels the law is “sacrosanct.”

Lesniak said he expects the leagues to challenge the move, but predicted: “They don’t have any arguments left to make. Supreme Court declined to hear New Jersey’s appeal in June, saying, “You know, that’s the way it goes.”

The move came hours before Christie was to convene a closed-door summit on the future of Atlantic City